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Recipe | Hearty Hemp infused Beet Burger | Mettrum Originals

Our savoury Hearty Hemp Infused Beet Burgers are tender, with a crispy outside layer and a divine smoky taste. Beets are incredibly nourishing and high in antioxidants. Paired with the protein and fibre packed hemp seeds, these burgers are sure to help your family meet their daily nutritional needs.
2 cups raw beets, grated.
1 cup Mettrum Originals Raw Shelled Hemp Seeds.
1 tbsp. Mettrum Originals Cold-Pressed Hemp Oil.
2 tbsp. whole grain bread crumbs.
½ large red onion, finely chopped.
1 cup mushrooms, finely chopped.
1 egg.
1 tsp. coconut oil.
2 tsp. lemon juice.
2 tsp. cumin.
¼ tsp. smoked paprika.
Preheat your oven to 375 degrees F.
Heat a medium skillet over low heat, sauté onions and mushrooms in cooking oil.
Spoon into a large mixing bowl and add beets, hemp seeds, bread crumbs, egg, coconut oil, lemon juice, cumin and smoked paprika.
If the texture is too wet, add more breadcrumbs.
Form mixture into 8 patties and rub with additional hemp oil.
Place patties on non-stick baking sheet.
Cook for 20 minutes on each side. The thinner you make your patties, the faster they will cook. Make sure to keep a close eye on them.
Once cooked, brush on a thin layer of hemp oil. 
Serve immediately topped with your favourite veggies and condiments.
-Bon Appetite

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