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Get amazing results with Hemp Wood, All-Natural Wood Finishing Oil

Explore the many reasons people are going crazy for Mettrum Originals Hemp Wood.  

Our all-natural wood finishing oil is food safe, long-lasting and environmentally friendly making it the perfect product to use on your cutting boards and butcher block counter tops. 

Made from Canadian farm-fresh, pure oxidized hemp oil, Mettrum Originals™ Hemp Wood™ is the superior finishing oil to revive, nourish and protect your wood.  Food safe, this all-natural wood protector deeply penetrates, dries naturally with no harmful vapours and cleans up easily with soap and water.

Apply with a brush, roller, sprayer or rag. For interior applications, allow 12 hours between coats, and then wipe off excess oil with a rag. Drying time is approximately 24 hours. For exterior surfaces, apply and re-apply as required to keep wood well-coated for protection and appearance. Best for interior applications and performs well outdoors when you desire a "patina" look on both vertical and horizontal surfaces. 

 For more great videos of Hemp Wood in action, check out @canadianwoodworks on Instagram




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