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Q: What is industrial hemp?

A: Industrial Hemp is a tall, leafy plant with a strong fibrous stalk. Although Industrial Hemp varieties are members of the cannabis plant family, they contain very low levels of the psychoactive ingredient THC (delta-9 tetrhydrocannobinol). Industrial Hemp plants contain less than 0.3% THC in their leaves and flowering parts.

Q: What is the difference between Hemp and Marijuana?

A: Hemp and marijuana are both members of the cannabis plant species. However, similarly to the way in which there are different breeds of dogs within the canine species, there are also different varieties of cannabis.

Hemp is grown for industrial purposes including food, clothing, skin-care, and fuel.

Mettrum Originals’ hemp products often test with no detectable traces of THC and are guaranteed to contain less than 0.001% THC and thus will not cause any psychoactive effects nor will they trigger a false positive drug test.

Q: Will I get “high” or fail a drug test if I consume hemp products?

A: No. Because the THC content of hemp is negligible at 0.001%, there are no psychoactive effects associated with utilizing hemp products.

Q: What is the recommended daily intake of hemp seeds and hemp oil?

A: Common recommendations for daily intake made by health practitioners are 3-5 tablespoons of hemp seeds per day and 1-2 tablespoons of hemp oil per day.

Q: What is the difference between hemp hearts and shelled hemp seeds?

A: There is no difference between hemp hearts and shelled hemp seeds. Both terms refer to the delicious and nutritious raw ingredient that is contained within the hard exterior shell of a hemp seed.

Q: What is the CBD content of your Cold-Pressed Hemp Oil?

A: Trace amounts of CBD, typically 10 ppm or less, are found in Mettrum Originals Cold-Pressed Hemp Oil, Hemp Flour and Hemp Protein and Fibre Powders, as per Health Canada’s regulations.

Q: Do you sell cannabis oil?

A: No. Mettrum Originals produces industrial hemp products including, but not limited to, Cold-Pressed Hemp Oil which differs from cannabis oil in that it does not contain significant amounts of THC or CBD.

Q: How do I add Cannabis Oil to my Mmedbiles mixes?

A: Visit the Mettrum blog here to learn more about using Mmedibles mixes with medical cannabis oil.

Q: What are the nutritional benefits of including hemp in my diet?

A: The major nutritional benefits of hemp food products are derived from the high quality and highly digestible vegan protein, which includes all of the essential amino acids that humans need to live.

Hemp food products also contain the essential fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6 which the body cannot produce, so they must be consumed in the foods we eat.  The ratio of Omega 6: Omega 3 in hemp foods is 3:1, which is the widely recommended and optimum ratio to maintain a balanced diet of essential fatty acids.

Hemp foods also naturally contain an interesting array of important vitamins and minerals, making it easy to obtain your daily requirements when you add hemp foods to your diet.  Hemp seeds also provide a source of dietary insoluble fibre, a much needed addition to everyone’s diet.

Q: Are hemp foods safe for pregnant women?

A: Yes. Hemp contains numerous nutrients, including folic acid, making it a safe and delicious addition to an expectant mothers’ diet.

Q: Are hemp foods safe for children?

A: Yes. However, as with any other food, remember to consider body weight when determining serving sizes. As a general guideline, cut the recommended serving size shown on each package by 1/3 or ½ depending on the child’s age and size.

Q: Are hemp foods safe for animals?

A: Because Mettrum Originals is not an animal food manufacturer, we do recommend that you contact an animal care professional to request specific advice on this subject.

However, we have received testimonials from clients who have claimed that hemp food products have proven to be beneficial for their animals’ coats, joints, digestive systems, and overall well-being.

Q: How much soluble vs insoluble fiber is in hemp foods?

A: Hemp foods contain 10-20% soluble fiber and 80-90% insoluble fiber.

Q: How should I store my hemp seed, hemp oil, and hemp protein powder?

A: It is best to keep hemp products refrigerated or in the freezer and to use them within 8-12 weeks of opening. You can also store unopened hempseed products in a cool dry place.

Q: Do Mettrum Originals products contain any allergens?

A: Hemp is hypoallergenic. However, some Mettrum Originals products are produced in facilities which handle materials other than hemp. As such, it is advisable to always read the label carefully before consumption, if you have any allergies.

Q: Are Mettrum Originals products gluten free?

A: While hemp seeds are naturally gluten free, other seeds which may contain gluten could inadvertently be introduced during harvest, cleaning, or delivery. As such, we do not state that our products are certified as being “gluten free”.

Q: Are Mettrum Originals products organic and non-GMO?

A: Hemp is the quintessential organic crop in that it naturally competes with almost any weed and is resilient to most pests, insects, and fungal spores. In addition, thanks to hemp’s deep tap root of approximately 6-12 inches, hemp crops help to aerate compacted soil, thus cleaning it and drawing up trace minerals which aid proceeding crops. As such, Mettrum Originals does not apply any herbicides or pesticides to our crops. We are proud to confidently state that our products are non-GMO and grown and produced using certified organic standards

Q: Are Mettrum Originals products certified organic?

A: Hemp is naturally organic as it is resistant to pests and disease and does not need pesticides or herbicides to grow. As such, we have not found the need to pursue organic.  

Q: How do I use my sample pack of Mettrum Originals Protein Powder?

A: Simply add the protein powder a smoothie, or mix it with water, milk or your favourite dairy free alternative. Find great smoothie recipes on our blog.

Q: Does Mettrum Originals irradiate its product?

A: No, none of our products are irradiated.

Q: When can I expect to receive my online order?

A: Mettrum Originals customers can expect to receive their online orders, delivered directly to their door within 5-7 business days of the order being processed.

Q: Does Mettrum Originals offer free shipping?

A: Yes, Mettrum Originals offers free shipping to anywhere in Canada and the US on orders which are valued at $75 or more.

Q: Does Mettrum Originals have an affiliate program or offer incentives if I place the company logo/URL on my blog/website?

A: Yes we do! Please email marketing@mettrumoriginals.com to learn more!

Q: I’m a blogger looking to review product(s), who do I contact for product samples?

A: Please email marketing@mettrumoriginals.com to learn more about our influencer programming.

Q: Where can I find your products?

A: Visit the "Store Locator" page on our website to see our growing list of retailers.

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