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For over 20 years, the Mettrum Originals family has been defined as pioneers in the hemp industry.

As the first hemp food brand in Canada, we introduced the baking industry to hemp seed flour, formulated the world’s first Omega 3 salad dressings, and invented a patent-pending system to help address concerns like third-world hunger, pollution, unpredictable fuel costs, nutrition and climate change. 

Our initial study of industrial hemp began in the year 1993, when our founding members worked alongside Health Canada to carve out the regulations which would lead to the legalization of hemp cultivation in Canada.

Following the lift in prohibition, we grew our first, history-making hemp harvest on Canadian soil. As a result, we received a research grant which allowed us to define the best possible methods by which to extract high quality oils from hemp seeds. The technology which we developed is now an industry standard, and we continue to take a unique approach to each and every harvest - carefully selecting plant species and varieties to yield crops which provide both food and oil from every harvest in order to ensure that nothing goes to waste.

Today at Mettrum Originals, the best processes- which we have carefully perfected over the years- are used to promise incredibly nutritious and delicious hemp products to our customers. We grow our product in three specialized locations within Ontario- all of which are rural based, and support the economies from which our farmers are located.

We are not the biggest hemp company around, but we take great efforts to be the best. Best in quality, innovation and kindness to our farms, and everything that they stand for.

Discover nature’s original super food. Discover Mettrum Originals.
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